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Widening access at Whitgift School

At Whitgift for All, we're on a transformative mission to deepen our connections with alumni, parents, staff, and friends of Whitgift. Inspired by our commitment to community, we seek substantial contributions to enrich our bursary programme, nurturing the socio-economic diversity that defines Whitgift.

Our vision is clear: to enhance social mobility through education. Situated in South Croydon, amidst areas with educational challenges, we see an opportunity to make a tangible difference. Our goal is simple yet profound – admission to Whitgift should be based solely on merit and potential.

We understand the profound societal impact of bursaries. They not only benefit individuals and Whitgift but also contribute to the broader community. That's why we're embarking on an initiative to establish seven new bursaries, tailored for bright local boys from low-income families.

To achieve this, we've launched a fundraising campaign, aiming to create a lasting impact through a permanent endowment. Currently, there are deserving applicants to Whitgift seeking bursarial support, but financial constraints prevent us from accommodating them all.

Bursary funding, allocated by the Whitgift Foundation, hinges on income criteria and academic performance. However, the demand exceeds available resources. We strive to bridge this gap by seeking additional support from the Whitgift Community.

Despite the Whitgift Foundation's significant assets, its income remains limited. Historical factors, including changes in government support and school expansions, have strained available funds. The Whitgift Centre, anticipated to supplement support, faces setbacks, exacerbating financial pressures. Now, more than ever, we're called to uphold the legacy of John Whitgift's philanthropy.

Our commitment extends beyond financial aid. We aim for inclusivity, ensuring bursary recipients feel fully integrated into school life. From books to uniforms and enriching activities, we provide comprehensive support, empowering students throughout their educational journey.

A transformational bursary represents a lifeline for families with limited means. It's more than financial assistance; it's a beacon of hope, driving us toward genuine, life-changing impact.

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